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Unlocking the Future of Pharmacy at the Pharmacy Show
Cegedim Healthcare Solutions

By Cegedim Healthcare Solutions
On Sep 26, 2023

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Unlocking the Future of Pharmacy at the Pharmacy Show

In the ever-evolving world of healthcare, staying ahead of the curve is essential for pharmacies to thrive. That's why we're excited to extend a special invitation to all our esteemed pharmacy community members based in the UK. The Pharmacy Show is just around the corner, and we've got an unmissable event lined up that promises to reshape the way you think about pharmacy operations.

Elevate Your Knowledge at our Speaker Session:

Adam Dennett, Managing Director for Pharmacy at Cegedim Healthcare Solutions, is set to take the stage and share insights that can revolutionise your pharmacy business. 

Adam's journey with Cegedim began in a project management role, where he worked closely with core areas of sales, support, and delivery. His dedication and transformative mindset quickly earned him a spot supporting the Leadership Team in a business transformation project in 2017. Following this, Adam was promoted to the role of Commercial Director and joined the Senior Leadership Team, where he took on the primary responsibility of driving success in the sector.

One of Adam's most notable achievements was playing a significant role in shaping a new vision, unveiled in 2019 for Pharmacy Manager. This vision was centered on delivering "The UK's most intelligent Pharmacy Business Solution," and it underscored our commitment to innovation and excellence in the pharmacy sector.

What to Expect:

During our speaker session, you'll have the opportunity to gain insights from Adam, a leader who understands the needs of both customers and the market intimately. He is at the forefront of ensuring the delivery of integrated healthcare technology to support the efficient delivery of frontline care.

One of the key highlights of this session is the unveiling of our Pharmacy Manager business solution, which can deliver an astounding 42% more free time to pharmacy operations. This extra time isn't just about efficiency; it's a valuable resource that can be directed towards patient engagement and revenue growth through national clinical services delivery.

But that's not all. We believe in a holistic approach to helping pharmacies save time, make money, and delight patients while future-proofing their technology. We'll also discuss:

  • Our cloud-based Pharmacy Intelligence Hub that takes the guesswork out of setting service delivery targets with real-time performance insights from stores.
  • The powerfully simple Pharmacy Services, a fully-integrated cloud-based clinical services platform with NHS Accredited MYS API ready automated reporting and claims.
  • Future-proofed technology solutions designed to adapt to new healthcare trends and innovations, all with a focus on Patient Access and experience through collaboration with our Partner Solutions Marketplace.

How to Be a Part of It:

Ready to join us for this transformative session? Here's how you can be a part of the action:

  • Date: Sunday, October 15th 2023
  • Time: 11.25am
  • Location: Technology Theatre

Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to gain insights from Adam Dennet and discover how Cegedim Healthcare Solutions is reshaping the future of pharmacy in the UK. Secure your spot now and unlock the power of Pharmacy Manager.

See you at the Pharmacy Show!

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