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An Intuitive web-based platform designed to support the NHS Pharmacy First Initiative

Our expanding range of clinical services offers patients clinical care and preventive measures for ill-health, ensuring quick and safe treatment both within the dispensary and remotely.  

Pharmacy Services is a versatile and comprehensive platform that can effectively and efficiently treat patients, whether it's within the dispensary or through remote means. We offer a range of five intuitive clinical services, including Contraception, Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS), Hypertension Case-Finding Service, New Medicine Service, and our highly sought-after annual Flu Service.

Understanding the immense pressure faced by pharmacy teams, our dedicated teams have designed these clinical services with a focus on automating data entry as much as possible. We seamlessly integrate with both the Pharmacy Manager PMR and NHS services, including MYS, to ensure smooth and timely payment processes.

To address the business needs of pharmacies, our integration with the Pharmacy Intelligence Hub provides management users with real-time visibility of service delivery across multiple stores. This not only allows for efficient monitoring but also maximises clinical service revenue opportunities for pharmacies.

Benefits of Pharmacy Services

Making the delivery of clinical services fast, efficient and safe to support you in providing patient care and preventing ill-health.

  • Deliver patient care from any device, anywhere within the dispensary or remotely.
  • View all your clinical service activity in one intuitive system designed for time-pressed users.
  • Can be use as a stand alone solution, or integrated with Pharmacy Manager for easy access to critical information including patient dispensing history.


  • Never miss a referral with clear notifications of new referrals directly within the PMR
  • Verified patient records through seamless connection with NHS solutions
  • Never miss a payment with integrated NHS MYS claiming
  • Removes the need for manual GP updates with automated notifications


Not A Pharmacy Manager Customer, But Interested in the Benefits of Pharmacy Services?

Get in touch to see how we can help streamline your Clinical Services delivery, no matter the PMR system you currently have.

Save Time 

“Every time a referral is required, I need to produce a document and find a way of sending it to the GP practice, both manual time-consuming tasks.”

Problem solved! Previously time-consuming manual processes using spreadsheets, paper or email are no more.
We have eliminated paper-based records and optimised the workflow for recording and claiming allowing pharmacy staff to focus on patient care while maximising operational efficiency.
  • Making a complex service simple with intuitive UI and built-in clinical decision support
  • Automated referrals via NHSMail when a patient requires onward referral to a GP
  • Automated weekly GP summaries – no more compiling lists or spreadsheets for multiple GP practices every week with fully automated updates.
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Make More Money

Accessible anytime, anywhere, providing an integrated end-to-end Clinical Services Solution ensuring you meet the needs of your patients whilst leveraging potential service opportunities and revenue.

  • Ensure no referral is ever missed and your pharmacy benefits from maximum CPCS revenue.
  • Integrated with NHS solutions such as PDS for NHS number lookup, MYS for claiming and DoS to forward referrals.
  • Access Electronic GP notifications
  • View all your referrals in one intuitive system
  • Real-time status indicators help prioritise your workload.

Delight Patients

Never miss a referral and be prepared for patient consultations 

Ensuring no referral is ever missed, you are ready to deliver patient consultations in a timely manner, record and claim seamlessly. Integrations with NHS solutions such as PDS for NHS number lookup, MYS for claiming and DoS to forward referrals plus.

  • Intuitive UI with built in clinical decision support guidance for referrals based on NHS Service Specifications
  • Schedule follow-up calls and appointment actions for patients
  • Track ABPM devices with patients and re-allocate to patients in a timely schedule - optimising equipment resources.
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How to improve the services your community pharmacy offers

The more services your community pharmacy offers, the more ways you can help new and existing patients while increasing your underlying profits. The key question is which services to branch out into?

If you can match new services to the needs of your existing customers, you’ll be taking another step towards making your pharmacy a better community resource.

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Addressing the need for Clinical Services to be Integrated in your PMR

We are committed to designing solutions that work how you do and seamlessly embed Clinical Services into your existing workflows. We are freeing up your Pharmacists time through improved dispensing workflows and functionality so that time can be spent delivering as many clinical services as possible

The Pharmacy Services platform is designed to fit seamlessly in with the way that you work, anytime on any device

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Do my stores need to be using the Pharmacy Manager PMR to benefit from this?

No, Pharmacy Services is can be used as a standalone platform although to realise the full benefit of our timesaving integrations it is recommended that this is used alongside Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacy intelligence Hub. If you'd like to know more about the benefits of Pharmacy Manager click here.

What are your plans for other NHS Advanced national services?

We work closely with the NHS to ensure that our software is fully prepared for Day One when a new service is launched. We understand the importance of seamless integration and efficiency in a busy pharmacy environment, which is why we work closely with our product discovery panel who are well-versed in the intricacies of the pharmacy landscape. These insights and feedback ensures that Pharmacy Services is suited for the demands of a fast-paced pharmacy setting.

Will I still have to use another system update my MYS submission?

No, everything you need to successfully manage services referrals and submitting claims is within the Pharmacy Services solution.

Does your system support GP referrals?

GP referrals are received via NHSmail and can be easily manually added to the Pharmacy Services platform in less than a minute. We’re working closely with NHS England as part of the wider Pharmacy First initiative to deliver the Booking and Referral Standard (BaRS) which will allow us to electronically receive these referrals into the Pharmacy Services platform in early 2024.

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