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About Us


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We are all about delivering intelligent healthcare solutions that work smarter
to make our customers’ lives easier.

We are on a journey of continuous improvement where we listen, act and improve to ensure that we continue to provide innovative solutions that are precisely matched to our customers needs, that enhance the UK healthcare system and facilitate improvements in patient care and outcomes.

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Our Values

Cegedim Healthcare Solutions Values

Part of something bigger

Cegedim in the UK includes Cegedim Healthcare Solutions and Cegedim Health Data, but we are part of something bigger. With extensive experience in the healthcare and technology markets, Cegedim combines unrivalled global expertise and customer insights to apply our shared knowledge.

Our technology solutions and data management is endorsed by public healthcare authorities, the pharmaceutical industry and referenced by academic research in the UK, Europe and Globally.

The Cegedim Group is an innovative Technology, Services and RWD Company that has specialised in the healthcare field for more than 50 years with more than 4,200 people worldwide.

Cegedim Healthcare Solutions
for healthcare professionals

Cegedim Healthcare Solutions offers a complete range of IT led solutions for medical, pharmacy, paramedic and healthcare professionals.

Our Global portfolio;
✓ 178,000 GP work stations
✓ 66,000 pharmacist work stations
✓ 46,000 paramedics
✓ 9 countries

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Cegedim Health Data Logo

Cegedim Health Data
for life science industry

Cegedim Heath Data provides Real World Data (RWD), Real World Evidence (RWE) and Advanced Analytics services to enable advancement in patient care and outcomes.

Our Global portfolio;
✓ 24 year data history
✓ +1,200 peer reviewed papers


The Health Improvement Network

Experts in the management of precise, ethical and fully actionable proprietary healthcare data. Our aim is to enable advancements in patient care and outcomes by assisting leading healthcare technology companies, authorities, academics and research organisations with healthcare research and analysis.

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Cegedim Insurance Solutions

Cegedim Insurance Solutions
from payer to care player

Providing high value software and services across the health value chain to over 200 leading healthcare insurers across the globe

Our Global portfolio;
✓ 43 million people covered
✓ 230,000 authorised health professionals
✓ 435 million flows processed

Cegedim e-business
for digitisation and digital media

Cegedim e-business supports companies towards paperless document management and automates processes from order to payment through to invoice.

Our Global portfolio;
✓ +850 million exchanges per year
✓ 120,000 companies connected in the world