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Pharmacy Intelligence Hub

A true understanding of your business comes only with Real Time Data

Introducing the Pharmacy Intelligence Hub, a powerful new solution, accessible anytime, anywhere. This intelligent and intuitive hub is your digital connection to your stores, offering real time and predictive metrics - the very heartbeat of your network, helping you drive efficiency and profitability throughout your business.

The Pharmacy Intelligence Hub will help your pharmacy adopt a proactive approach by providing the necessary insight, and more importantly, the foresight needed to take timely action. This will enable you to proactively steer your stores in the right direction, identifying and addressing challenges long before they impact your business.

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One Intuitive Hub

Providing access to all store data



Pharmacy Insight & Foresight

With predictive and prescriptive analytics



Digital Pharmacy Heartbeat

With real-time & actionable data



Always On

Anytime, anywhere access from any device





To keep track of stores and to keep them efficient, productive and profitable requires constant effort. This proactive solution can help; saving time and ensuring you can work smarter, not harder. The benefits include:

  • Instant actionable intelligence with dynamic alerts directing you to key areas of importance that need attention.

  • Protect revenues with clear alerting of expiring claims – today and across the next month, ensuring timely action can always be taken.

  • Real time view of pharmacy status, see your stores come online and the responsible pharmacist login as they open for business.

  • Monitor in-store processes with instant visibility of uncollected prescriptions and owings.

  • Understand workload patterns, when items are dispensed throughout the day and working week to assist you in managing staff numbers, rotas and opening hours.  


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Do my stores need to be using the Pharmacy Manager PMR to benefit from this?

Yes - the Pharmacy Intelligence Hub connects all your stores, using Pharmacy Manager, to deliver the intelligence to you centrally. If you'd like to know more about the benefits of Pharmacy Manager click here.

Do I have to be in one of my stores to access this detail?

No - the Pharmacy Intelligence Hub is cloud based, so can be accessed from an internet browser anywhere, on any device.

Is this only available for pharmacy groups?

No - anyone can benefit from the Pharmacy Intelligence Hub, even with just one store - it will provide you visibility of what is going on in that store, without actually needing to be there.


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