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Unlock Pharmacy Revenue with NMS Targets in the Pharmacy Intelligence Hub
Cegedim Healthcare Solutions

By Cegedim Healthcare Solutions
On Nov 23, 2023

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Unlock Pharmacy Revenue with NMS Targets in the Pharmacy Intelligence Hub

Pharmacy Intelligence Hub is more than just a tool; it's reshaping the operational landscape of pharmacies and unlocking untapped revenue potential. It's a crucial part of the Pharmacy Manager Business Solution and has received consistently positive feedback from our Discovery Panel customers. In this blog, let's focus on one of its standout features—the NMS Targets module—and see how it helps pharmacy managers across the UK.

Pharmacy Intelligence Hub: A Snapshot

The Pharmacy Intelligence Hub is a comprehensive platform designed to empower pharmacy operations. One of its standout features is the NMS Targets module,  a powerful tool that brings unparalleled clarity to the New Medicine Service (NMS) landscape. This module is instrumental in driving efficiency and maximising revenue potential for pharmacies. Let's delve into how this feature operates and the ways in which it can revolutionise your pharmacy's performance.

Graphical Insights:

With the Pharmacy Intelligence Hub, you get a real-time view of how your stores are doing, making it easier for pharmacists to spot and grab NMS opportunities. The NMS Targets module gives you an accurate picture of your pharmacy's NMS performance through intuitive graphics. These visuals indicators, updated in real-time, acting as a dynamic dashboard to offer a clear snapshot of your progress. From scheduled follow-ups to completed services and at-risk NMS, the graphical representation provides a comprehensive and easily digestible overview of your achievements. It's like having a visual compass guiding you through the landscape of NMS success.


Headline Figures:

In the past, pharmacies often relied on yearly averages for calculating NMS targets but now the module means that the tedious task of calculating monthly targets and waiting for NHS feedback to finalise revenue figures is gone. Now, you can track your NMS delivery rate, understand the 40% and 100% target thresholds, and see the revenue potential for each store. Pharmacy Intelligence Hub turns these challenges into straightforward advantages, offering a clear and timely way to set realistic targets.


Real-Time Insights with Pharmacy Intelligence Hub

The Pharmacy Intelligence Hub offers a real-time view of store performance, including an informative graphic that visually represents target progress, completed totals, and scheduled/at-risk NMS services, all updated in real-time. Plus, it helps you focus on centralised NMS delivery where it matters most. Precision is key—ensuring you not only meet but beat your NMS targets. Pharmacy Intelligence Hub is like a trusty guide, making NMS success a breeze.

Empowering Head Office Users

With the Pharmacy Intelligence Hub, head office users can easily set new targets on the first of each month, ensuring that all stores are on the same page and working towards the same goals. The NMS Targets page within the Pharmacy Intelligence Hub offers a comprehensive overview of the revenue potential for each store and as a whole. This invaluable information empowers pharmacies to maximize their NMS revenue by showing the value of reaching the next NMS band. It allows pharmacies to set realistic targets based on their current performance and serves as a vital tool in strategic planning and decision-making. Additionally, it aids in centralizing aspects of NMS delivery by identifying stores with booked NMS appointments, ensuring better coordination and active efforts from all stores in maximizing their NMS revenue potential.

Early feedback from the discovery panel has been highly positive, especially for centralised NMS delivery from remote locations, providing valuable insights into where the potential for NMS growth lies.


“We know that NMS revenue has more than tripled since introducing Pharmacy Intelligence Hub in our clinical services processes.”

Karanjeet Ubhi, Owner & Pharmacist - St Michaels (Maks) Chemist


Why now?

The importance of NMS delivery has never been greater, as pharmacies face increasing pressure on dispensing. The Pharmacy Services platform simplifies service delivery, while the Pharmacy Intelligence Hub offers real-time monitoring. A comprehensive view of NMS Targets is essential for setting realistic store targets and managing clinical service performance. With this adaptive approach, taking into account different months and seasonal variations, the Pharmacy Intelligence Hub ensures that pharmacies are equipped with realistic monthly targets and the tools they need to succeed in an evolving healthcare landscape.


With the Pharmacy Intelligence Hub, pharmacies in the UK can step into the future of service delivery, unlock their full potential, and secure their place in the evolving healthcare landscape.


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