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Improving Healthcare for your Population

By Cegedim
On Jun 27, 2019

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Improving Healthcare for your Population

You know the problem. You’ve asked all your practices to file reports but, despite having a template, they all manage to put the codes down slightly differently and create hours of work.

If you are a CCG trying to harmonise the reporting of your practices and think a digital solution isn’t possible because your surgeries are using different software systems, Cegedim Healthcare Solutions has the answer.

Richmond CCG came to us with exactly that problem. They wanted to move from a manual reporting system to an automated one built on central templates but did not want to force every practice onto one system.

The historical manual system of reporting was inefficient because all the practices were coding slightly differently and each paper report had to be manually scanned and emailed to CCG headquarters.

The answer is to place Cegedim Healthcare Solution’s Outcomes Manager above both systems and drop standardised digital templates into both systems.

When the project started, Richmond CCG only had information on what practices were paid for via QOF and Locally Commissioned Services. Richmond GP Alliance felt it was essential to enrich this data set to ensure that it could start introducing a population health management view of the area and see how things like diagnostic services, blood pressure monitoring and wound care were being delivered.

Initially, Cegedim created three templated reports and displayed the data on a dashboard for Richmond CCG. That has now spun out to 11 as the CCG grows more confident with the system.

A minor software installation is required at all non-Vision 3 sites that wish to use templates in Vision Plus. The installation is non-intrusive and only takes around 30 minutes to complete.

Ashley Hayward, Primary Care Commissioning Manager for Richmond CCGs, explained: "The practices said it has saved them hours and hours. Previously, the CCG were sending 28 separate emails, and the practices had to run individual searches, input the information into an excel spreadsheet and return to the CCG to make their claims. Now they just log on, and the reports are generated automatically.

“It has taken a year to put it in place due to the internal sign-off process. A working group of GPs has had to make sure it didn't make more work and test the templates and we have also linked all this in with the Locally Commissioned Services steering group.”
Ashley added: “A message also pops up on the GP’s screen telling them there is a template for this or that. Our nurses love it.”

"Everyone agrees it is helpful that it works across other systems. I don't think there are any other providers that work across systems like Outcomes Manager. We didn't want a system for EMIS and one for Vision 3. This is definitely a better approach.”

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