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How to Improve Pharmacy Customer Experience
Cegedim Healthcare Solutions

By Cegedim Healthcare Solutions
On Aug 3, 2022

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How to Improve Pharmacy Customer Experience

Great customer experience leads to repeat business—the stats don’t lie. In a recent survey, 89% of consumers said they’d be more likely to make another purchase following a positive customer service experience. Excellent customer experience increases revenue, maintains customer loyalty, and improves your overall business strategy. 

Not quite there yet? Not to worry, here’s some actionable advice you can use to ensure your customers' experience is on point.

First Impressions Are Everything

First impressions are everything when it comes to pharmacy customer experience — it’s true. The first few minutes of a social interaction form the foundation of how you’re seen by another individual, and this is no different from how your pharmacy is perceived. 

From the second a customer enters your premises, you want to build credibility, and trust in order to leave a lasting impression.

Installing digital signage in-store or in the window of your pharmacy is an effective way to do just this. With this communication tech, you can apply your own business-specific branding to give your organisation a memorable identity while displaying important information and promotional deals. 

Mr Nickkho-Amiry of Dears Pharmacy in Scotland reported to Chemist and Druggist that within 15 months of installing the service, retail product sales increased by a whopping 400%. 

Not only will this display and content solution support your marketing, communications and encourage customers to make purchases, it will deliver amazing customer experience without you lifting a finger.

First impressions count. Download ‘The Ultimate Guide to Pharmacy Marketing’, for tips on how to engage your customers. Just click below for your free copy.


Free Up Your Team’s Time

Your number one priority is to provide the highest calibre of pharmacy customer experience and patient care. Despite this, the needs of a modern pharmacy require a great deal of administrative work to keep things running smoothly—particularly when it comes to marketing your products and services to customers. 

Creating, updating, and distributing regular content can be time-consuming. The traditional static, printed poster was once a reliable method of marketing products and services, but rapidly became outdated and irrelevant—nowadays, a much more effective solution is required.

Investing in a Pharmacy Display solution means you can free up time with communication and promotions displayed to your customers through content management. You can have faith that accurate, informative content is presented to your customers - meanwhile, you can focus on delivering excellent patient care.

Reduce And Manage Wait Times

Patient experience is influenced by time spent waiting for care - with longer wait times being negatively associated with a low level of patient satisfaction. Longer wait times also affect the perceived quality of care and confidence in the service provider. Reduced wait times are therefore a key focus to improve your overall pharmacy customer service experience.

Installing a digital signage display in the waiting area reduces perceived waiting times, and vastly improves the overall waiting room experience. By presenting promotional deals and newly stocked products, you can influence sales in the queue and alert customers of ways they can save money. Additionally, the uncertainty of wait times can be stressful and frustrating for customers. By displaying real time information, customers are reassured.

Communicate Important Messages And Retail Campaigns

Efficient communication is key for great pharmacy customer service—relaying relevant information to customers in an easy, digestible manner. Digital signage and advertising screens are a cost-effective way to communicate messages to patients while staff are occupied, and even when the pharmacy is closed via a window unit. While delivering these messages via social media should be done as part of your overall marketing strategy, social posting shouldn’t be the only channel you use, as some of your older demographic may find this inaccessible. 

With pharmacy display screens, your patients are kept up-to-date with NHS services available through their pharmacist. By delivering flexible and tailored retail campaigns based on evolving consumer demand, you can target your entire customer base while adapting to seasons and public holidays. Plus, digital screens with engaging information can simply pass the time when waiting in line.

Increase The Uptake Of Clinical Services

The NHS has suffered over a decade of underfunding since 2010, and community pharmacies have been helping to relieve some of the strain ever since. Display of digital content sign-posting the services available through pharmacists is a proactive way to increase the uptake of clinical services.

Presenting this information (such as the Public Health England Stoptober campaign) increases awareness of your offerings - maximising the uptake and positioning yourself as an organisation that provides NHS-standard, patient-focused treatment. Even while your pharmacy is closed, life-saving information can be presented in the window via digital displays. This 24/7 presence ultimately gives community pharmacies the upper hand over digital competitors such as Amazon Pharmacy. 

By showing the extent of the care you offer, your community pharmacy will be at the forefront of customers' minds. 


The Ultimate Guide to Pharmacy Marketing


Looking for more ways to improve your customer experience? Download our guide to ‘The Ultimate Guide to Pharmacy Marketing’, for tips on implementing high impact strategies. Just click below for your free copy.

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