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Pharmacy margins have come under increasing pressure over the past decade. These have accelerated over recent years with changes to the way pharmacy is funded, posing significant challenges to both pharmacy profit and resources.

Independent pharmacy needs to operate at optimum efficiency levels to enable greater profit margins and free up staff time to focus on other areas of the business.

Control your own destiny
PharmAssist enables you to drive compliance and take complete control of your purchasing and as such complete control of your business.
Our software is installed on your PMR ensuring there is limited operational impact on you and your staff.

All orders pass through the software before being pushed to suppliers, ensuring that all product orders follow the rules you want them to follow – whether that be ensuring best price for every product purchased, or that specific lines or orders are sent to your preferred supplier at the times that suit you.

PharmAssist operates using a blind tendering system to consistently drive down prices and increase profitability for you

Additional features such as Drug Tariff review, Virtual Warehouse and Supplier Timeline put you in control of your purchasing providing further efficiency savings at the touch of a button.

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Find out more information on the Pharmassist Solutions website.