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Everything You Need to Know about Digital Display Advertising for Pharmacies

Pharmacies are at the heart of communities across the country, serving the valuable role of providing care to the majority of the population at some point in their lives. As a pharmacy owner or manager, your focus will be on helping your customers - with administrative work and marketing understandably taking the backseat. Of course, these aspects are still important to your pharmacy’s success, but creating and displaying a broad rotation of static displays is inefficient for the needs of your business - with 70% of users preferring digital advertising at the point of sale. 


A passive, automated solution is key for the prioritisation of your customers’ needs. Digital advertising screens, or digital displays, consist of tailored content that improves pharmacist-customer communication - ranging from pharmacy-specific advertisements to NHS messaging to public health campaigns. Whether you run a family-run independent pharmacy or are part of a chain, this guide will walk you through the ways in which the installation of digital advertising screens can benefit your business and significantly increase revenue.


What are digital advertising screens and how can they be used in pharmacies?

Simply put, digital advertising screens are LED or LCD screen displays that exhibit multimedia content for the purposes of advertising or presenting information to customers. The screens or monitors themselves aren’t the root of its power, with the hardware itself being secondary to the software and content that must be considered in order to see true results within your pharmacy. 

A valuable tool in shops and takeaways alike, digital advertising screens create a bespoke experience for the audience, capturing their engagement via eye-catching design and relevant information. For use in pharmacies, digital display screens can advertise products and services specific to your branch, as well as NHS or Public Health England messaging. Displays can be placed in the window of your pharmacy to attract passersby and potential customers to increase footfall in your branch, or, can be wall-mounted or freestanding indoors.

The use of digital display screens can remove the need for content managers or creators, completely automating a wide-reaching selection of content - chosen by you. Pharmacy Display’s Content Management System (CMS) allows you to select the content you want to display on rotation, upload images or videos, create adverts and promotions via easy-to-use templates, and apply your pharmacy’s personal branding to the messaging.

Digital advertising displays in pharmacies, like Pharmacy Display, can be broken down into three major components;

Clever Content



grey diamond


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What’s the difference between advertising and content marketing?

In short, advertising promotes a product or service to as many people as possible, while content marketing builds a relationship with the right people - which is much more valuable to both the pharmacist and the customer. Read more about what sets content marketing apart from advertising in our blog on the topic here.

While, of course, your Pharmacy Display screen can include tailored advertisements for your pharmacy and the promotions available at your specific branch, our content marketing is bespoke and is much more tailored to your customers. They aren’t just for displaying adverts, but are a vital part of your marketing strategy, and should be considered if you want to grow your business and increase sales. Content marketing is a dynamic, versatile method of presenting your pharmacy’s capabilities and messaging, but what are some other benefits of installing digital advertising screens in your pharmacy with an inclusive content marketing package?

What are the benefits of using digital advertising screens in your pharmacy?

Evolving with the changing landscape of the pharmacy industry

The role of the pharmacy and pharmacist in the unpredictable terrain of today is changing rapidly. Community pharmacies are beginning to face new challenges that they have not been faced with before - such as an unstable health service, and even a pandemic.

Official figures show that the pharmacy sector is seeing an increase in branch closures and the merging of smaller pharmacies, seeing the lowest number of community pharmacies in six years with a net loss of 215 pharmacies in England in 2020/21. In order to meet the needs and expectations of a modern pharmacy’s customer base, whether a chain or an independent branch, new ideas must be implemented.

Pharmacy Display Customer 22 - DSC05155-26-1
JP Fenton-63

The installation of digital advertising screens within your pharmacy brings a new approach toward customer service and marketing your products and services - allowing smaller pharmacies to compete with the rise in retail giants and digital pharmacies such as Phlo or Cloud Pharmacy. Not to mention the branching out of larger chain pharmacies with their own online eco-system like Well Pharmacy.

There have even been rumours of Amazon Pharmacy being trialled in the UK, it is expected that we will see the same popularity that has been achieved in the United States, leading to increased pressure on community pharmacies to match up to the modernised convenience that digital pharmacies provide.

Aside from these external factors concerning industry competition, there are also internal changes within the sector that are hindering community pharmacy success. The nationwide strain on the NHS and primary care institutions has meant that there is an increased reliance on pharmacies to provide care and particular services to take some weight off of GPs or clinics. For instance, via the NHS Pharmacy First Scotland policy, minor illnesses can be treated by pharmacists in an attempt to reduce NHS fatigue.

Through the use of digital advertising screens within your pharmacy, these services can be advertised in-store and in window displays to implore the British public to utilise the pharmacy as the first port of call. However, while support for the NHS and role as a care provider may be instinctive for pharmacists, how to promote these services may not come as naturally.

The general stresses of running a business combined with being responsible for the wellbeing of your customers is a heavy weight to bear. Marketing and advertising via leaflets or posters is something that should be reduced or removed entirely where possible to focus time on what matters.

Smarter Marketing

Juggling industry competition, patient care, sales, and team management is taxing. Working smarter via an efficient solution such as digital advertising screens will benefit your entire business. Across the pond in the US, the digital signage market is expected to grow from $20.8 billion in 2019 to $29.6 billion by 2024 - illustrating how valuable this strategy is industry-wide.

Digital signage is undoubtedly a more powerful marketing tool than static posters, with tailored, dynamic content that improves pharmacist-customer communication, eases wait times, and ultimately improves the patient experience.

By marketing smarter and reducing admin, pharmacists will be able to promote their services and products and help a higher volume of people clinically. The possibilities are endless for digital advertising screens within your pharmacy and can include;

pharmacy display screen
Screenshot 2021-12-15 142422
  • Create a positive atmosphere
  • Ease waiting times with accessible information
  • Control the queue with a name or number calling system
  • Educate customers with informative videos
  • Introduce your team and present opening times
  • Sell advertising space to local health-focused businesses
Work smarter with Pharmacy Display

To find out more about what Cegedim Healthcare Solutions can offer your pharmacy and how our digital advertising screens all work, check out our Pharmacy Display brochure by clicking the button below.

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Increase revenue

The several benefits of digital advertising screen installation don’t end at modernising the pharmacy and reducing admin, but also has the potential to boost your sales, revenue, and overall growth. Health Point TV claims that digital advertising screens can increase revenue by a third, a portion of these sales being due to the increase of point of sale purchases.

At the point of purchase or while waiting in line, customers will be greeted by high definition display screens presenting products or services that they may be influenced to buy at the last moment - increasing diagnostic usage beyond just prescriptions.

By driving sales towards high-profit products at the point of sale or other high traffic areas, your pharmacy’s profits will significantly increase - especially when combined with other strategies such as cross-selling, upselling, and great customer service.

Pharmacy Display with Logo

What are the best digital advertising display options available for pharmacies?

With various digital advertising screen installers and content curators on the market, it can be tricky to determine which is right for your pharmacy. As well as this, other content marketing solutions are available such as DIY digital displays. See below for an overview of the options available to you with our comparison chart…

Alternative providers


+ Clear time frames: installation within 7-10 days of contract agreement
+ Various screen offerings are available 


- Contact with the team is via email, and support and after-sales care is not 24/7

- Expensive installations compared to our Pharmacy Display

- A 3-year plan is the most commonly seen option

DIY digital display 


+ Possibly cheaper in the short-term

+ Full control of the solution


- In the long-term, not economically viable

- Not as aesthetically sound as professional digital displays

- Does not include tailored content packages

Cegedim’s Pharmacy Display


+ Agile and responsive content

+ Hardware, software, and content is all included in one plan

+ Various package options for your requirements

+ Support and aftersales servicing is included in the packages, which is vital for a positive experience

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Do I have to use commercial digital screens? 

...or can I use a regular consumer TV screen?

It can be tempting to cut corners when it comes to the tech itself, and technically speaking, commercial digital screens and regular TVs are very similar. However, there are a host of reasons why you should reconsider using a domestic television in your pharmacy and instead opt for a purpose-built, commercial screen.

While upon inspection they may look like the same thing, the hardware of digital displays is designed to handle particular demands when operating. A regular television that sits in your living room is designed to be used for 8 hours a day maximum, while a commercial digital screen will be running for the entire workday, or if a window display, 24/7. 

cegedim pharmacy display

Not only this, but a regular TV’s warranty will legally become invalid if used commercially - so really, you’re not saving as much money as you once believed. Commercial digital advertising screens are also designed to match up against the bright lighting often used in shops and pharmacies, whereas TVs are designed for natural light or dim rooms. The technology of commercial screens is designed with other features such as fingerprint-resistant glass and lack of branding - giving a much more sleek appearance than a regular TV.

How much would a digital screen solution cost my business?

Screenshot 2021-10-19 132008

Unsurprisingly, there’s no set price associated with the procurement, installation and management of digital advertising screens in a pharmacy environment. This is true for most of the leading providers of pharmacy screen solutions. It’s impossible to accurately quote a solution without knowing the specifications and requirements. 

Realistically, you could expect to spend between £5,000-10,000 per site in your first year with that reducing by £1,000-£2,000 the following year due lack of installation options. This really depends on the number of screens on site and the level of support & subscription you require throughout the year.

Did you know that you can use the HMRC 130% super deduction incentive to help offset the cost of your investment in Pharmacy Display? For more information, see here.

Digital Display Advertising for Pharmacies: FAQ

How much will Pharmacy Display cost me?

We offer a choice of hardware and software packages to suit your requirements and the cost will of course vary depending on your requirements. Our Pharmacy Display team can talk you through the options for your pharmacy and provide you with a quote.

Is there a rental option?

Yes, our rental option starts from £35 per month for the software.

Do you provide the screens?

Yes, we provide commercial-grade high specification screens with built-in dimming sensors that automatically adjust the brightness based on the ambient light to optimise visibility for day or night, while maintaining efficient operating costs for your business.

Can we put Pharmacy Display onto our existing screens?

Yes, this is possible but subject to connection terms and requirements - our Pharmacy Display team can advise you on this.

Who provides the content for the screens?

Our dedicated marketing team will work with you to agree on your screen content. This will include the most up to date health and wellbeing campaigns from Public Health England, Scotland, Wales and Public Health Agency Northern Ireland. At the same time, your screen content is entirely customisable according to your pharmacy’s branding.

Can I promote my own pharmacy services and information?

Yes, you can promote your own range of services and opening hours as well as any special offers and promotions you may be running - the world is your oyster!

My pharmacy isn’t very big, can I still have a screen?

Yes. We offer a range of screen sizes with ceiling, floor, or wall mounts to adapt to most pharmacy areas. We will carry out a site survey to ensure the screens you want will suit your business and the space you have available.

How often can I update my content?

As often as you like. We provide new, regionally-relevant content on a rotating basis, but we also have a package available that includes templates and design studio access should you want to create your own branded content.

Do we need to provide adverts?

Depending on the package you select, you will have access to our Pharmacy Display content as well as the ability to create your own branded adverts should you choose to. For more information on each of our packages and what they include, click here.

Why can’t I just do it myself?

The installation of digital display screens is a process that is best left to the professionals. If you want the best outcome and a frictionless, high-quality installation process, it’s advisable to consult a team of digital advertising experts. 

Using a domestic TV screen might seem like a cheaper option, but in the long term it just won’t provide you with the same quality of content and marketing. In addition, our Pharmacy Display includes aftersales support and servicing for the length of your plan, so you never find yourself in a situation where your screen or content needs our help and you can’t reach us.

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