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Brother Managed Print


Some key features of managed print include:

  • Identifying inefficiencies and efficiency gains
  • Gaining greater control through visibility of printer usage
  • Identifying print and internet protocol security risks
  • Improves productivity
  • Helps to reduce your environmental footprint
  • Reduces down time

Our partnership with Brother brings your pharmacy a complete Managed Print Service (MPS) to help improve pharmacy efficiency, productivity and information security.

Brother MPS is a pay per click model and will ensure genuine parts are always used, providing high quality printing at a low cost.

Using a MPS will help your pharmacy be more proactive, rather than reactive as consumables are sent when required, in advance of them running out.

Why choose Brother MPS?

Brother offers comprehensive yet flexible MPS, built around the specific needs of your business. At the core of their offering is their 'At your side support', meaning that they do everything they can to ensure your business has an effective MPS that benefits you everyday.

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