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Saving Time and Money: The Advantages of a Prescription Tracking System for Your Pharmacy
Cegedim Healthcare Solutions

By Cegedim Healthcare Solutions
On Aug 8, 2023

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Saving Time and Money: The Advantages of a Prescription Tracking System for Your Pharmacy

A prescription tracking system is an essential tool for modern pharmacies that are looking to streamline their operations and stay competitive. Not only does it provide valuable insights into prescription trends and inventory management, but it can also help pharmacies save money in the long run.

In this blog, we’ll explore the key advantages an electronic prescription tracker can provide your pharmacy, and how to find the right system for your business.

Right stock, right time

Drug shortages pose significant problems for pharmacies, including lost revenue, decreased patient satisfaction and disruptions in patient care. However, implementing a prescription tracking system can help pharmacies address potential shortages early on and prevent negative consequences. Prescription tracking systems can also prevent overstocking, which can lead to unnecessary expenses and minimises the risk of medication waste due to expiration.

In addition to these benefits, a prescription tracking system helps identify and reduce errors in prescription dispensing. By improving accuracy, pharmacies can save money by preventing costly rework and imrpoving patient safety.

Cegedim's Pharmacy Manager Solution can give you live updates on stock and give you access to real time store performance. To discover this and more, download your free brochure now.

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Reducing manual tasks

An electronic prescription tracking system provides pharmacists with real time access to prescription information, eliminating the need for manual data entry. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of errors, allowing pharmacists to focus on providing high-quality patient care.

Manual data entry is prone to human error, and can have serious consequences for patients, such as the risk of drug interactions and adverse reactions. By implementing an electronic prescription tracking system, pharmacies can minimise their reliance on manual processes, reducing the risk of costly errors and enhancing patient safety.

Faster, automated service

Electronic prescription trackers offer the advantage of significantly reducing wait times for patients. By automating manual processes involved in prescription filling and dispensing, pharmacists can fill prescriptions more quickly and accurately, resulting in shorter waiting times for patients. This not only improves patient satisfaction, but it also increases revenue for the pharmacy by allowing pharmacists to serve more patients in less time.

This reduction in wait times is achieved through two key factors:

  1.  Real time visibility. With an electronic prescription tracking system, pharmacists have a clear understanding of which prescriptions are due and can better plan and manage their time.
  2. Automation. Many manual processes, such as prescription filling and dispensing can occupy a significant portion of pharmacists time. By automating these processes pharmacists can allocate more face time to patients, resulting in reduced wait times.

Overall, the real time visibility, faster service and improved accuracy provided by an electronic prescription tracking system can significantly improve patient satisfaction and help pharmacies maintain competitiveness within the market.

Discover how Cegedim's Pharmacy Manager Solution can help you to provide a faster, more efficient service to your community.

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Seamless software integration

Seamlessly integrating an electronic prescription tracking tracker with other systems creates a powerful tool for pharmacies to efficiently manage patient information and prescription tracking in one centralised system. This integration offers several significant benefits, saving pharmacists valuable time and reducing costs through:

  • Enhanced efficiency. By consolidating various tasks into a single system, pharmacists can easily switch between different responsibilities without having to operate numerous systems.
  • Error reduction. Integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, minimising the risk of human error. With automated synchronisation between systems, the potential for inaccuracies and discrepancies is significantly reduced.
  • Creating a single source of truth. Integration creates a centralised data hub of all relevant information. This serves as the single source of truth for your team to receive information from, generating accurate and up to date patient data.

Finding the right electronic prescription tracking system for your pharmacy

An electronic prescription tracker is a valuable tool that can help pharmacies save time and money, while also improving patient safety and satisfaction. By providing real-time visibility into prescription status, automating many manual tasks and integrating with other patient medical record (PMR) systems, pharmacists can streamline their workflows, reduce the risk of errors and provide more efficient and accurate services.

Implementing an electronic prescription tracker not only improved patient care, but also has a positive impact on the pharmacy's bottom line, making it and essential tool for staying competitive in the modern pharmacy landscape.

When selecting an electronic prescription tracker for your business, it is important to consider the following:

  • User friendly interface. Look for a prescription tracker that integrates seamlessly with compatible software. Native integrations ensure smooth functionality and minimise downtime, leading to increased staff productivity and overall business efficiency. 
  • Support and education. Choose a system that offers comprehensive support and guidance to pharmacy staff. Access to a free online learning zone, like the one provided by Cegedim, ensures your team is provided with around the clock support and knowledge.
  • Part of a comprehensive solution. Consider an electronic prescription tracking system that is part of a wider PMR system, such as Cegedim's Pharmacy Manager Solution. This integration offers additional support to pharmacists, including automated dispensing, real-time updates and performance accurate clinical checks.

Save time, make money, and delight patients with the Pharmacy Manager Solution.

Cegedim's Pharmacy Manager Solution supports pharmacies across the UK, optimising their dispensing process, maximising their capacity and reducing their waiting times. Learn how this comprehensive solution can benefit your pharmacy by downloading your Pharmacy Manager Solution brochure today.

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