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Adam and Lana

By Cegedim
On Sep 1, 2021

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Prioritising customer experience with new management roles

We are pleased to announce two new management roles in the UK to reinforce our commitment to delivering an excellent customer lifetime experience and becoming the trusted provider of choice across healthcare.

Lana Chubakha is announced as Managing Director for the Primary Care business unit, and Adam Dennett, Managing Director for the Pharmacy business unit. Both Adam and Lana have strong commercial backgrounds, having previously been Commercial Directors within these business units, as well as extensive experience within the Cegedim Group. Combined, these new roles replace that of Steve Bradley, who will retire as CHS UK Group Managing Director at the end of 2021 after five years with the company, during which time he has spearheaded a significant reorganisation of the wider business with a core focus on customer experience.

Steve Bradley comments, “Adam and Lana share an excellent track record as Commercial Directors and have both achieved success driving forward Cegedim Healthcare Solution’s customer centric business vision. As we continue to place customers at the centre of every business decision, I am delighted to announce these promotions that build on the operational changes we have undertaken to truly understand the needs of our customers and support the lifetime customer model.”

Operational Change

In recent years, CHS’ Pharmacy business has seen a significant change, including a strong product strategy lead and the mobilisation of product teams to be more customer focused. The result has been an evolution in CHS’ core product Pharmacy Manager that is helping community pharmacies to manage their businesses more effectively.

Adam Dennett says, “Cegedim Healthcare Solutions’ promise to the market is the provision of solutions that are not only innovative in their own right but also enable innovation throughout healthcare to improve patient outcomes. Our core goal is to become the trusted pharmacy solutions partner – and to earn that trust we will continue to deliver on our pledge to ‘listen, act, improve.”

Lana Chubakha confirms the Primary Care business unit will also undertake structural change to reinforce the customer-centric focus, including providing Product Managers with more responsibility for customer discovery. She says, “Good team work is the key to success. To accelerate our product development and better understand the needs and requirements of our users we will become stronger as a team and work more cohesively.”

Long Term Plan

The two Managing Directors will work closely together to ensure Cegedim Healthcare Solutions’ development roadmap continues to support both its foundational vision as well as the goals of the NHS Long Term Plan. As Lana Chubakha explains, “We have identified a number of priorities within the NHS Long Term Plan, including population health management, interoperability, shared and integrated care, and we are delivering solutions that support those long term goals.”

With a strong focus on interoperability, the roadmap includes not only integration between Pharmacy and GP but also the wider network of partners. “Our standard application programming interfaces (APIs) are an essential part of the CHS vision to ensure any supplier can be part of the patient centric ecosystem we are creating,” she confirms.

Trusted Supplier

With or solutions for Pharmacy, GP, Community, Shared Care and Population Health, we support the delivery of healthcare services to over half of the UK population. This creates a responsibility to not only meet current needs but also lead the market in innovation and demonstrate the power of technology and solutions to support future demands.

Adam Dennett concludes, “Under the guidance of Steve Bradley, Cegedim Healthcare Solutions has made great strides forward in becoming the first choice for our customers. This is a legacy we endeavour to build upon. We genuinely care about making a difference and the way we interact with customers is driven by a need to understand and resolve their problems, to be a true solutions partner.”
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