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Download our guide to 'Changing PMR provider'

Are you getting the most from your PMR?

Many pharmacies have major challenges with their current PMR software. In fact, did you know that 90% of pharmacies talk about changing their PMR provider, but only 5% do? With the potential disruption to your pharmacy, many are reluctant to take the leap. 

In our guide we review reasons why your current PMR may not be saving you all of the time that a good system can. Then we show you how to take the pain out of switching provider.

Download the guide to learn: 

  • The key benefits of switching to a modern PMR system
  • How to audit your current system's capabilities
  • The key considerations for future-proofing your PMR solution
  • How to address the major barriers to switching

Ready to learn more about switching your PMR provider? Fill in the form to download the guide. 


Download the guide