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Healthcare Solutions

So you can work smarter and focus more time on patient care and outcomes

Delivering innovative solutions for healthcare professionals across the NHS.
Our approach focuses on an outstanding customer experience.


With over 50 years’ experience in healthcare technology, we are your trusted partner, delivering peace of mind through applied knowledge and solutions that accelerate improvements in patient care and outcomes.

How we help

We believe that technology should be an enabler, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on delivering more effective care to their patients. We help you achieve this with solutions that are designed to work smarter.

Our solutions are designed to make your life easier, so that you can worry less about technology
and focus more time on patients.

Community Care Solutions

Our Community Care Solution

Paper based care is ineffective. Save time and pull your healthcare team together in
a collaborative way with apps that enable fast and efficient co-ordination of electronic
caseloads across community and hospital based teams.

✓ Simplified electronic caseloads and care plans
✓ Secure mobile access to records 24/7
✓ Data information dashboards and reporting
✓ Paperless clinics

Our Community Pharmacy Solution

Our solution for pharmacy includes an industry leading PMR system and an electronic point of sale system. With modern user interfaces and an intelligent dashboard, along with modules to support effective stock and order management, nursing homes and the delivery of services, our solution includes everything you need to help your pharmacy team work smarter.

✓ Realise efficiency savings in your pharmacy processes
✓ Increase cost savings
✓ Generate additional revenue

Pharmacy Manager
V3 Consultation Manager

Our GP Solution

Our GP solution includes a comprehensive clinical system for managing all aspects of Primary Care delivery, from consultations to decision support, appointments, tasks, reporting and more. Our modern and intuitive solution is adaptable to support today’s modern GP with the delivery of patient care away from the practice by offering round the clock, secure remote access to patient medical records and appointments.

✓ All-in-one practice management solution
✓ Enables remote consultations & prescribing
✓ Interoperable for shared care
✓ Supports federated services

Our GP Federation Solution

Our solution for Federations supports the co-ordination and delivery of shared care across GP networks to enable federated services. Ensuring clinicians have access to medical records and a way of recording encounters, so the patients GP is fully informed about any care delivered away from the practice.

✓ Extend access to GP services
✓ Serve patients more effectively


Our Primary Care Networks Solution

Our solution for Primary Care Networks includes a suite of innovative apps to support the
co-ordination and delivery of shared care across multi-disciplinary teams, ensuring a cost-effective and collaborative approach to healthcare delivery that guarantees continuity of care for patients.

✓ Consistent care delivery
✓ Optimise primary care resources

Our CCG and
Health Board Solution

Our solution for CCGs and Health Boards offers a simple and innovative approach to population level health management. Collect healthcare data for every patient in your area. Analyse information in a cloud-based dashboard. Share pathways and data entry templates with GPs to influence change, save on healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes.

✓ Fast and responsive population level healthcare
✓ Optimise primary care resources
✓ Save on healthcare costs
✓ Improve patient health and outcomes


Our Cluster Solution

Our solution for Clusters simplifies the task of implementing shared care solutions by making real time patient information and centralised appointments available to every clinician and carer along a patient’s journey. Supporting collaborative working where whole teams are kept fully informed about a patient’s medical history and planned care, with care related tasks that can be allocated and tracked.

✓ Keep the whole care team informed
✓ Team-wide view of patient care

Our Integrated Care Systems Solution

Our solution for ICSs supports the delivery of more joined-up care for patients. Allowing patient health, treatment pathways and outcomes to be monitored and managed at scale. Use data driven insights to influence improvements in patient care, optimise primary care resources and implement effective changes that drive better health.

✓ Monitor and manage patient health and outcomes at scale
Fast and responsive population level healthcare
✓ Optimise primary care resources

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Cegedim Healthcare Solutions Illustration

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