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Advancing Pharmacy Services with GP Connect Integration


Discover the benefits of Cegedim's GP Connect integration with Pharmacy Services as Tracey, our Product & Technology Director, explains how this pivotal update is transforming pharmacy services.

This integration enhances communication between pharmacies and GP records, helping you to deliver improved patient care.

Cegedim is committed to delivering powerfully simple solutions that can help you save time, make money and delight patients. 

Experience firsthand how improved communication between pharmacies and GP records can elevate patient care. 

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Here’s why Pharmacy Services is your perfect partner:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Tackle every service of Pharmacy First with dedicated modules for New Medicine Service (NMS), Contraception, Flu and more.
  • Enhanced Access: Utilise the GP Connect feature to access and update patient records directly, boosting efficiency and patient loyalty through a unified, user-friendly platform.
  • Stay Ahead Of The Curve:  As an accredited NHS partner, Pharmacy Services will provide the corresponding module for a new service as soon as it’s available. 
  • Device Flexibility: Access your Pharmacy Services anytime, anywhere on any device, ensuring critical updates are always at your fingertips.
  • Responsive Development: Continuously refine your services with feedback-driven updates that enhance platform functionality and user experience.
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Bilkis Begum, Pharmacist

Trusted By Community Pharmacists Across The UK

I’m so pleased that we were up and running straight away, the system had updated automatically overnight, and we’d completed our first clinical pathway consultation before 9am, a patient who self-referred and told us they would otherwise have visited a local walk in centre.

Bilkis Begum, Pharmacist
Lobley Hill Pharmacy Gateshead