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Pharmacy Services

Delivering Community Pharmacist Consultation services (CPCS) seamlessly and intuitively for your pharmacy

Accessible anytime, anywhere, providing an integrated end-to-end services solution - ensuring you can work smarter, not harder.

Pharmacy Services is integrated to Pharmacy
Manager to deliver clear notifications – ensuring no CPCS referral is ever missed and your pharmacy can benefit from maximum revenue. Integrations with NHS solutions such as PDS for NHS number lookup, MYS for claiming and DoS to forward referrals save time.

Not only a CPCS solution, Pharmacy Services will soon also include other services; such as NMS and flu as well as even more NHS integrations; such as SCR 1 click and EPS Prescription Tracker.

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CPCS Solution

Benefits of Pharmacy Services

Providing an integrated end-to-end solution solution, designed to improve efficiency and profitability for your pharmacy and support you in providing a better level of care for patients.

  • Integrated to Pharmacy Manager
  • Innovative and scalable user interface for the perfect user experience
  • Access using any device, anywhere
  • View all your CPCS referrals in one intuitive system
  • Clear notifications of new referrals
  • Seamless connection with NHS solutions
  • Easy access to a host of features including; Electronic MYS Claiming and Electronic GP notifications
  • Real time status indicators help prioritisation of your CPCS workload

To see how your pharmacy can benefit from Pharmacy Services watch our short video

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CPCS: Supporting pharmacy in the evolution from dispensing to services

Pharmacies are still missing out on this critical revenue source, often because they find the current limited technology options simply too unwieldy and complicated to use.

So, what are the technology constraints that are preventing Community Pharmacy from making the most of the NHS services agenda and how are we, at Cegedim helping?

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CPCS Solution Unlocks Revenue Opportunities

With community pharmacies taking on an ever greater role in delivering patient first contact, Community Pharmacist Consultation Services (CPCS) are a fundamental step forward not only in maximising pharmacist skills but in unlocking vital new revenue streams.

Take a read to understand more on the importance of integrating Pharmacy into Urgent Care and our views on extending the the role of Pharmacy.

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Do my stores need to be using the Pharmacy Manager PMR to benefit from this?

Yes, Pharmacy Services is our new services platform and is tightly integrated to Pharmacy Manager to make delivering CPCS easy and efficient. If you'd like to know more about the benefits of Pharmacy Manager click here.

What are your plans for other national services like Flu vaccination?

CPCS is the first service in the new Pharmacy Services platform, we’ll be building on this with the addition of the New Medicines Service (NMS) and flu vaccinations soon.

Will I still have to use another system for part of CPCS or to update my MYS submission?

No, everything you need to successfully manage CPCS referrals and submit a claim is within the Pharmacy Services solution.

Does your system support GP referrals?

GP referrals are received via NHSmail and can be easily manually added to the Pharmacy Services platform. We’re working closely with NHS England and plan to move to an electronic referral (like NHS 111), as soon as this option is made available to technology partners.

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