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Pharmacy Manager 

Medpoint is integrated with Pharmacy Manager, enabling pharmacy teams to benefit from further efficiency gains:

  • Saves time and effort- Bring even greater efficiency to your dispensing process by integrating MedPoint with Pharmacy Manager, making life even easier for your team.
  • Maintain data integrity- Securely transfer patient contact information from Pharmacy Manager to Medpoint using a QR bag label. No need to maintain

MedPoint is a 24/7 automated prescription collection system which delivers patient convenience, increases customer loyalty and releases valuable staff time. Designed by pharmacists, and manufactured in Britain, there are now close to 100 pharmacies benefiting from our solutions. In addition to 3 models of integrated systems, MedPoint is the only supplier to offer a unique standalone, temperature-controlled collection system.

There is no manual scanning with the MedPoint which ensures fast, error free loading with minimal staff time. Automating the dispensing process saves 55+ hours per month on prescription handouts, freeing up valuable time to focus on delivering additional services, such as offering Flu and Covid vaccinations, and having quality face to face discussions. Patients have benefitted from more convenience as they do not need to queue at the pharmacy, they can simply collect at a time to suit themselves.

Where space is limited, the unique MedPoint SOLO can be located outside the pharmacy. The external freestanding unit is secured by robust construction, CCTV and an alarm. It offers a greater pharmacy presence within the community, providing convenient prescription collection to all patients.

MedPoint for Pharmacies

Automating prescription collections allows pharmacy staff to spend less time retrieving dispensed prescriptions. This means faster collections, so patients spend less time queueing for their prescriptions.
MedPoint allows pharmacists to:
  • Spend more time with the patients who need face to face care, something that online pharmacies simply cannot offer
  • Spend time on other tasks, such as offering additional services and training staff
  • Release staffing capacity while improving service and patient safety
  • Attract new patients

MedPoint for Patients

MedPoint collections are secure, easy and can be implemented with minimal contact, due to the use of QR codes.

Why do patients like MedPoint?

  • They can conveniently collect their prescriptions 24/7
  • Queues within a pharmacy aren’t as long at peak times due to use of the machine
  • They can still pop in and get face-to-face support when they need it

For more information on integration with Pharmacy Manager, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

For more information, please visit the website.