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By Cegedim
On May 12, 2022

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Discussing pragmatic approaches to Population Health Management at this years Digital Healthcare Show

We are excited to share that we will be leading a comprehensive fireside chat about the challenges and potential of Population Health Management at this year’s Digital Healthcare Show on 18th/19th May.

Our Head of Business Development Spencer Noble will be hosting the panel at the flagship event, entitled ‘From Analysis to Implementation – A Pragmatic Guide to PHM’ at 10h00 on 19th May in the Digital Transformation Theatre Two. Spencer has extensive experience across Primary Care, working with key stakeholders to support the delivery of innovative solutions to help improve patient care and outcomes.

Spencer will be joined by members of our Clinical Advisory Board including GP and NHS Consultant Dr Steven Laitner; and GP and Clinical Lead for Community Dr Helen Davies. He will also be joined by Nigel Slone - CEO of Cegedim partner Sollis Healthcare.

The panellists will discuss the “art of the possible” as healthcare services continue to face numerous challenges, and how Population Health Management can support the delivery of new models of care whilst achieving improved patient outcomes, delivering a better patient experience and controlling the cost. The discussion will also explore views on the future of Population Health Management and what the advantages it can yield may look like. Delegates who attend will take away the following key learnings:

  • Start small, think big – everyone needs to start somewhere so keep it simple. Identify a single point of improvement first and then scale
  • Overcoming overwhelm: Do not be daunted by the task at-hand, instead break it down into bite size chunks to enable success
  • It’s early in the Population Health Management journey, so its potential is still largely uncertain

The Digital Healthcare Show is one of the most significant and innovative UK events for healthcare professionals looking to revolutionise the NHS through the use of data, analytics and technology. Free for healthcare professionals, the CPD certified conference will be focusing on eight key themes across four dedicated theatres; digital future theatre, data and analytics theatre, digital transformation theatre and technology enabled care theatre.

Spencer Noble, Head of Business Development, Cegedim UK explains: “We are delighted to be a part of the Digital Healthcare Show. The show brings all of the latest and innovative expertise and offerings to the fore and so we are excited to be able to contribute to this. We thoroughly look forward to discussing the potential of Population Health Management and discussing its advantages and capabilities for the NHS thus far.

Population Health Management is still very much in its infancy, and there remains a lot of debate over how to implement effective methodologies that will positively impact patient pathways, improve efficiencies and enhance patient outcomes. However, we believe that a pragmatic approach will help healthcare organisations rise to the challenge and overcome the challenges both that we face today; and those that may arise in the future.”

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