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Data Security and Protection Toolkit

By Cegedim
On Mar 20, 2019

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Data Security and Protection Toolkit

The Data Security & Protection (DSP) Toolkit, formerly Information Governance - IG Toolkit, must be completed every year by all pharmacies and businesses who have access to NHS patient data and systems. This online self-assessment covers systems and security processes and was to be completed by Sunday 31st March. 

Following pharmacy feedback that some questions are aimed more at their technology suppliers than the pharmacists themselves, NHSD and PSNC identified 12 questions that could be answered by a PMR supplier. We are currently working together with NHSD on this functionality that will enable PMR suppliers to upload the answers to the customer’s toolkit and this will go live for next year’s toolkit submission (April ’19 – March ’20).

For our customers we created a form, which sent our customers the correct statements in relation to their pharmacy. They were than able to copy and paste these answers into the toolkit in response to the 12 questions.

As the deadline has now past, this form is no longer available. If you have any further questions on the toolkit, please contact our Service Desk on 0330 330 3340.

Note – Cegedim are supplied suggested content as requested by NHSD/PSNC, the pharmacy retains all responsibility for the submission of correct information for their business.

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