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Samir Dhalla

By Samir Dhalla
On Dec 8, 2021

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Become better informed with THIN

GP Practices that sit on the THIN® panel not only contribute to improving the health of tomorrow’s generation, but also positively impact their own practice. And here’s how.

GP Practices start by providing their anonymised patient data to assist leading healthcare authorities, academics and research organisations with research and analysis. In return, GP practices gain the knowledge they need to excel their practice and deliver the best care experience for every patient.

Primary care data is utilised to both inform patient pathways across a range of disease areas and better understand local health economies. This in turn helps ensure GP practices have a better level of insight into clinical effectiveness and developed policies.

Ultimately, THIN® gives GP practices the platform they need to create a more efficient and seamless service for their patients.

Advantages of joining THIN® include:

  • While you are involved in the THIN® Quality Data Recording Scheme, THIN® will compensate you £0.06 per active patient in your practice per year.
  • You will also receive regular reports on the quality of your data recording.
  • You will be offered free entrance to training seminars organised by THIN®.

THIN® Operations Director, Samir Dhalla comments, “Joining THIN® presents multiple benefits for GP practices. Creating a medium whereby data can be successfully utilised in a safe manner for the betterment of public health and patient outcomes, can only have a positive impact on both the medical and financial aspects of the practice. Team this up with the additional support and guidance you will receive and it is easy to see why GPs sign up to this network.”

THIN® is an unobtrusive medical data collection scheme that contains anonymised longitudinal patient records for approximately 6% of the UK population. It is the key driving force behind enabling advancements in patient care and outcomes, with one of the most respected and reliable data sources for anonymised primary care records.

Looking to become a THIN® member? Why not get in touch with our team.

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