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Pro Delivery Manager

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A digital order management system

Pro Delivery Manager is designed for pharmacy, by pharmacists, enabling you to manage, optimise and track your medication deliveries from start to finish.

Why use Pro Delivery Manager:

  • Simple changes to increase efficiency, meaning your pharmacy can save time and money
  • Allows for an auditable paperless delivery service, with digital records of deliveries and signatures
  • Takes drivers via the best route, first time with automatic routing and navigation
  • Helps you create a more efficient workforce with different routes for multiple drivers, ensuring you don't have two drivers in the same area

Fully integrated solution with Pharmacy Manager: 

Our integrated solution removes the need to manually transfer patient or delivery information. Instead, users can simply ‘select and send’ prescriptions to Pro Delivery Manager with no need to leave the PMR or rekey information.

Reliable software, with a whole host of benefits and efficiencies which include:

  • Pharmacy Manager holds the patient information and sends to PDM when it’s needed.
  • Send multiple prescriptions in one click
  • One single source of ‘master data’ in Pharmacy Manager which updates PDM automatically 
  • Simple changes to increase efficiency, meaning your pharmacy can save time and money
  • Easy set up – lifting essential information from an existing clean set of data, removing the need to manually key in patient information
  • Allocate the deliveries to the drivers linked to a pharmacy
  • Delivery tasks are created in PDM when the pharmacy user selects the prescription and clicks ‘Send to PDM’

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